I invite you on a transformative voyage to integrate past experience, awaken to freedom, and embody your nature. Through a series of gentle yet profound shifts in identity, insight, and action, revitalization occurs, and Light shines more brightly in our hurting world.

In the unfolding mystery of being and becoming, our discoveries foster coherence and inherent well-being.

DEBORAH BOYAR, Ph.D., S.E.P., engages people to navigate through trauma as a gateway to awakened evolution. Through decades of immersion in spirituality, psychology, neuroscience, and healing, she embodies deep compassion, seasoned discrimination, and the abiding transmission of spiritual wholeness.

Transformation is sparked by entering sacred space that transmits innate wholeness. When lovingly tended with honey and wisdom, our wounds become cracks where the Light gets in. I serve as a portal for that process, which yields ease of heart, clarity of mind, and resilience of body.
My sittings are by application only, limited to four participants. Each person receives approximately an hour of personal attunement and group support.

“Flesh & bones, heart & soul, mind and body transformation.”
-A participant.

Healing and evolving are part of our natural blueprint. Given the right conditions, bodies, minds, and spirits can spontaneously find their way to wholeness and ease…

Here you will find a list of teachers and resources for continuing a deeper personal investigation and awakening.

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