We are hardwired to transform and grow. Given the right mix of soil and nutrients, we naturally blossom, integrate our past, and enjoy greater vitality in present time. 

I’ve been fortunate to study with gifted teachers of spirituality, neuroscience, psychology, and somatic awareness, and I aspire to offer the heartfelt welcome and integrative support they’ve extended to me. Sharing my gifts in service is an honor, and I feel privileged to hold transformational space for those drawn to my approach.

My Trillium virtual sittings are opportunities for an intimately-sized group (generally no more than three people) to bask in an intersubjective field of being that catalyzes lasting growth. Gatherings include silent meditation, video gazing, and bio-spiritually attuned dialogue to support organic evolution, strengthen discernment, and build precious human bonds. The field effect helps evoke awakening in three simultaneous dimensions — Awakening, Embodiment, and Mutuality, and stir awareness, presence, and joy within. Over time, your conscious nature becomes ever more accessible, yielding self-sustaining core intactness and a deeply felt self-trust that irrepressibly shines through as a blessing.

Comments from participants at past events are posted here. I welcome you to contact me to indicate your interest in joining a future group.