A pioneering therapy that engages the innate wisdom of the body to evolve structures of consciousness, Somatic Experiencing is state-of-the-art software for trauma resolution. Consistent with the latest findings in neuroscience, it was developed by Dr. Peter Levine, who observed that wild animals naturally process life-threatening experiences and move on, free from trauma. As humans, we have this same capacity; Somatic Experiencing reminds us how to access it.

Trauma functions much like a boulder in a flowing river. It can re-route the course of your life, dislodge your innate wisdom, and distort your rhythmic pace. When such patterns become chronic, your natural ability to take perspectives and make choices that support your integrity is diminished, and your access to spiritual wholeness can become thwarted.

I offer an empathic, non-intrusive approach that tenderly revitalizes your growth. Using minimal interventions that yield maximum results, I’ll help you safely rebalance your involuntary physiological responses, integrate past experience, and sustain enduring transformation.

To release trauma’s lingering residue, its underlying energy must be carefully uncoiled. This delicate process is known as trauma resolution, and it’s my specialty. Doing less can be more effective in this realm, so it’s crucial to proceed skillfully, and at the optimal pace for your unique physiology.

Trauma symptoms are patterned fixations that remain lodged in the nervous system long after your survival responses – fight, flight, and freeze – have been activated. With adequate support, you can learn to safely discharge these primordial energies and skillfully metabolize them. Through clear guidance and attuned tracking, traumatic activation can be released in a titrated, harmonious manner, without re-traumatizating the nervous system.

Transformative healing includes the restoration of wellness as well as the release of distress, so I’ll also help you attend to nourishing aspects of your experience. Gentle restorative touch is another means to remind your system of its natural resting state. For additional support between sessions, I offer personalized empowerment tools to reinforce healing neural pathways.

We struggle to shift our perspectives through reason or insight, from the neocortex down. However, the way we see the world remains fundamentally unchanged until there is a shift in the felt sense in our bodies. Even after severe trauma, we can learn to inhabit new experience, accept the past, and create new lives and support systems. Human resilience is natural, and it’s potentiated when the reptilian brain — the foundation structures that underlie our perceptual and meaning making faculties — is skillfully supported through Somatic Experiencing.

This organic bio-evolutionary process is a cornerstone of my work. It is also the foundation of how I help awaken awareness. By helping you shed layers of traumatic activation and cultivate the observing self, our journey brings you into present time, and frees you from the confines of the past. As you discover your core intactness, you’ll enjoy enhanced self-sovereignty, sustained emotional balance, expanded insight, greater buoyancy in the face of life’s challenges, and access to your creative potential and evolutionary unfolding.

All energies self-liberate when we abide with them in awareness. Somatic Experiencing offers you enduring, embodied access to this state of clear presence, which is your birthright.