Yoga. Classical Tantra. Philosophy. Sacred hymns. Hundreds of hours work went into these writings over the past fifteen years, and you can download them for free here, with more to come. Of course I would love it if you make a donation for the downloads. They are all .pdfs so they should display correctly on any device, but let me know if you have problems reading any of them. Please forgive the typos, and enjoy the learning!

Writings available for download:

These are handouts that I frequently use in yoga teacher trainings (YTT):

A beautiful ancient hymn, here translated accurately for the first time:

The following files are academic writing, but quite readable. They constitute a great introduction to the study of original Tantra.

  • Religious Experience in Tantric Shaivism Download File
  • Shaiva Philosophy and its Place in the Indian Tradition View File
  • The Descent of Power: academic article published in a peer-reviewed journal Download File

Undergraduate papers on mysticism (the scholarly term for direct experience of the Divine):

Other articles:

This paper explores the arguments of Vedānta philosophy and a partial Tantrik refutation thereof:

Reflections on death in the Asian religious tradition, written many years ago under Paul Muller's tutelage: