Evolve Your Organization

Holacracy is a new way of structuring and running your organization that replaces the conventional management hierarchy. Instead of operating top-down, power is distributed throughout the organization – giving individuals and teams freedom while staying aligned to the organization’s purpose.

How are Holacracy-powered organizations different?

They’re Purpose-driven

Holacracy-powered organizations focus on purpose at every level of scale: organizational purpose, team purpose, and individual purpose are all explicit and aligned.

Every team member directs their energy in alignment with the broader mission, unlocking your organization’s full potential.

That’s what I really love about Holacracy. These are organizations where everyone can become powerful, everyone can become entrepreneurial, in service of some larger purpose.
— Diederick Janse, Co-founder of Energized.org

They’re Responsive

Everyone acts as a sensor for the organization and has pathways to turn their challenges and opportunities into improvements for the organization.

Smaller, incremental decisions replace large scale re-orgs so your organization can respond quickly to a shifting environment and maintain agility as you grow.

In Holacracy, you see groups making proposals to revise the design of their group and of the broader organization. They’re making decisions that a typical organization—a hierarchical organization—only make at the management and senior management level.
— Dr. Michael Y. Lee, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD

They Use Explicit “rules of the game”

Holacracy replaces the management hierarchy with a way of operating that sets clear expectations and creates transparent authority at every level in the organization.

This reduces inefficiencies and undercuts hidden power dynamics throughout your organization.

The structure allows you freedom. Much like the structure in the roads… If it’s an appropriate structure, it allows you to think about other things while you drive.
— David Allen, Author of Getting Things Done

Their roles & responsibilities Are Transparent

Static job descriptions and corporate titles become dynamic roles and responsibilities that are transparent and evolve as the organization changes.

This clarity helps organizations scale while streamlining work and maintaining clear ownership.


We have an organization with 50 people–we have 300+ roles now–and still people can just find the right person for something on their first day. That’s magic.
— Ruben Timmerman, Founder of Springest

Will it Work for my organization?

That’s a big question! Holacracy practice can work in any organizational context if the people are ready to commit to the change. Only you and your team can figure that out, but we’re here to support you as you explore and consider adopting Holacracy.

experience Holacracy for Yourself

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