Dancing with the Divine

Dancing with the Divine, Dancing to be closer to Divinity with Cynthia Glinka

Dancing with the Divine, Spiritual aspects of Dancing

Cynthia believes her childhood telegraphed her future and her life unfolded when she found her bliss,
her life's work, with Dance.

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Friday, July 19, 2019
7:00pm - 10:00pm

A special presentation by Cynthia Glinka and guest musician Andoni Panici

I'll be sharing my near death experiences which occurred
at birth and on my 22nd birthday and how dance became my passion on this planet.

Unity in Marin
600 Palm Drive
Novato, CA 94949


Cost: $20 in Advance - $25 at Door

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Black Photo Head 1 235When she was 21 years old, Cynthia was severely injured by her abusive boyfriend. During an emergency operation, she left her body. “Hovering above my body, I saw the surgeons operating. I saw them take out the organs near my ruptured spleen and place them on the outside of my stomach.” Then Cynthia floated up through the ceiling. “I found myself in a spinning vortex of brilliant bright white light, going higher and higher. I felt the presence of loving beings around me, watching me.

“I came to a place that seemed familiar. There was a Supreme Presence there. It was brilliant bright white Light that was Love. I knew that I had died, but there was no pain and no fear. There was no sense of time. It was very peaceful and I felt safe and loved.

“I was told that I could not stay – I had work to do on earth. I somehow had a knowingness about my place on the planet and my purpose in life. I knew that I had to dance.

Cynthia regained consciousness two days later. She left the hospital eight days later and stayed at a Battered Women’s Shelter for three months. When she left, she was guided to a teacher who trained her to perform and teach ballroom dancing. Cynthia explains that her life since then has been committed to “Dancing with the Divine.”



Cynthia shares intimate details of her life's journey from nearly
being beaten to death to discovering the joy of teaching couples to dance.

Glinka is Grateful
When the Spirit moves you,
move with it

Dancing with the Divine

The Karma Institute presents Cynthia Glinka on Karma Talks

Cynthia shares her near-death experience and her connection with her mom who called her back.


Dancing with God Poem by Cynthia Glinka

Author Unknown

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Glinka at Sunrise NDE Mar 20 2015

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