How does Trillium Touch™ relate to the Trillium process of spiritual awakening?
The transmission available through Trillium Awakening strengthens our capacity to embrace the full spectrum of our existence. As we embody consciousness, we learn to meet our experience with open-heartedness.

Growing up, we might have created distance from some of our feelings—particularly those unmirrored by our caregivers. Perhaps it was safer, at these times, to bury these emotions outside awareness. However, our bodies and psyches have not forgotten the cast-off elements. We naturally yearn to reclaim the vitality of our original blueprint.

We might feel constrained by certain patterns in our bodies and minds. Although these habits helped shield us from harm long ago, they now tend to thwart our authenticity, and leave residues of numbness, collapse, and agitation. This is completely natural, and a very auspicious place to begin unwinding in present time.

Toward this end, I offer simple, loving, attuned physical holding and whole-being spiritual support—Trillium Touch—that helps the body settle into ease and comfort. By being gently held—physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we can literally be supported to meet our experience. Trillium Touch sessions are an antidote to long-encoded experiences of rejection, abandonment, and neglect. The embodied nourishment they offer strengthens conscious awareness, melts our masks, and becomes psychoactive over time.

What happens in a Trillium Touch session?
Sessions take place fully clothed and include skilled touch, with the aid of warm, flax-filled velvet pillows and soft blankets. The combination of hands-on work with these nurturing materials soothes our physiology, and provides deep comfort. From this holding ground, we are palpably met, just as we are. Insights and healing arise organically. We become increasingly able to “hold” our experience in consciousness by having been physically held as it arises.

Particular attention can be given to the neck, spine, and shoulders, where our attachment-related distress is often held. However, sessions are completely customized to your precise needs and wishes. My work is attuned to your window of tolerance; less input can be far more effective.

Spontaneous dialogue might occur from time to time, or you might simply wish to rest, daydream, or sleep while being cushioned with tenderness and care in the field of Trillium transmission.

Changes in the content of our experience are not required for awakening. Our relationship to the content simply shifts as we receive physical support to embody the vast range of material we encounter. Trillium Touch facilitates our organic shift to embodied consciousness.

What are the origins of Trillium Touch?
This work is informed by my training with Dr. Aline LaPierre in NeuroAffective Touch™.

Notes from my 2018 Training:
During the training, I dropped in deeply, and experienced profound states of rest and relief in my practice sessions. The emphasis on midline in Aline’s magnificent morning contemplations, and the way she equated midline to being in present time, and how she embodied being in midline, and being in a rested state in her own organism, transmitted this teaching to me so beautifully. I began noticing the chronic contractions in the deep muscles around my spine, and began to feel them letting go as awareness dawned.

Since coming home, my partner and I have practiced daily. I notice that being able to drop down into these deep states is gradually shifting something in my sense of self. I feel less hypervigilant and clenched. I feel like my vessel is gradually filling. I am still very much in need of the work, and I am also less desperate for it.

The warm pillows are really profoundly beneficial. They feel human to me, and transmit heat that calms and supports me to deepen into stillness and trust.

On NeuroAffective Touch™ by its founder, Dr. Aline LaPierre:
“By highlighting the primary role of the body and emphasizing its equal importance to the mind, NeuroAffective Touch™ addresses emotional, relational, cognitive, and developmental deficits that cannot be reached by verbal means alone. NATouch™ addresses what to do when there are no words, when words are not enough, or when words get in the way. The training explores the stages of psychobiological development beginning with conception, pre-natal development, and birth. Because the roots of healthy individuation begin before the verbal brain comes online, NATouch™ supports access to the early neurological and relational patterns that are at the genesis of self esteem and identity. Working with developmental trauma must include talk and bodywork.

Our Bodies Tell the Story of Our Struggles to Love and Be Loved
For example, pressures on the cranial base and brain stem, respiratory diaphragm, heart, or digestive system reflect and maintain the emotional injuries of abandonment, neglect, abuse, and betrayal. Thus, the ability to address chronic emotional shock goes hand in hand with nurturing a dysregulated physiology. We use bodywork therapies to enable the release of fear and tension in the musculature and viscera and cultivate the heart-centered connection that supports post-traumatic growth.The training addresses psychobiological development from conception to birth and through the identity-forming phases of separation and individuation. It connects the development of self-image and identity to the individuation of the body.”